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Girl Gun Lady Season 1 Episode 7

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Koharu (Sei Shiraishi) and Akiho (Natsuki Deguchi) finally infiltrated the warehouse of an antique shop run by a mysterious store manager (Gaku Hamada). Inside, it was as wide as a spaceship, and it was a strange space where the players who died in “Girl Gun Fight” were lined up like stuffed animals. A light bullet was fired from behind Koharu and Akiho, who were angry, and Matsuko (Anna Ishii) was there. And Alice (Yuno Ohara) makes a certain decision … Also, in the real world, the existence of Natsuna (Momoka Ito) was erased, and a sad reality awaited. Koharu goes to see the store manager with Akiho to check the warehouse, but the store’s warehouse is just a storeroom, and the mystery only deepens.

On the other hand, in the parallel world, a new player will be added to Alpha Tango in place of Natsuna- !?

Serie: Girl Gun Lady

Episode Title: Winter is coming, spring is awakening

Air Date: 2021-05-17